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Celebrating Unity

Inaugural Kwanzaa Christmas Tree at Balboa Park

A Festive Fusion of Cultures at Balboa Park

Join us in a groundbreaking celebration as we unveil the inaugural Kwanzaa Christmas Tree at Balboa Park, in collaboration with the San Diego Floral Association. This unique event symbolizes a harmonious blend of cultural traditions, representing the spirit of unity and community during the holiday season

• Date and Time: December 1 & 2nd

• Location: Balboa Park, Room 101

• Activities: Briefly describe the activities planned - e.g., tree lighting ceremony, cultural performances, and speeches.

 “About the Kwanzaa Christmas Tree”

Crafted with care and creativity, our Kwanzaa Christmas Tree is more than just a decoration; it is a symbol of cultural harmony and shared joy. Adorned with elements representing both Christmas and Kwanzaa, the tree stands as a beacon of inclusivity and festive cheer.


“Join Us in Celebration”


We warmly invite the community to be part of this special occasion. Come, experience the vibrant fusion of Christmas and Kwanzaa traditions, and be part of making history at Balboa Park.


Thank you, to all of our  partners or sponsors involved in the event.

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