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Green Beginnings January Blk Girls Who Garden

Happy New Year, Plant Lovers!

Welcome to 2024! Here at Blk Girls Who Garden , we’re starting the year with a burst of greenery and an array of exciting offerings for all plant enthusiasts in San Diego. Whether you’re a seasoned green thumb or just starting your plant journey, we’ve got something special for you.

Family-Friendly Workshops

Save the date! January 27th 12:30 pm -2pm

               “Plant your Intentions”

This month, dive into our family-friendly workshops. They’re perfect for all ages and skill levels. From ‘Succulent Sundays’ to ‘Terrarium Tuesdays,’ we promise fun and educational experiences for the entire family. It’s a great way to bond while learning about plant care.

Corporate Greenery

Looking to green up your workspace? Our corporate plant rental services are more than just decor; they’re about bringing life to your work environment. We offer customized solutions for offices of all sizes. Plus, don’t miss our special Corporate Event package, perfect for making your next company gathering a green and serene affair.

Plant Maintenance Mastery

Our expert team is ready to help you keep your plants thriving. Whether you’re availing of our plant maintenance services or seeking advice in our store, we ensure your green buddies receive top-notch care.

What’s New in Store?

January is the perfect time to explore our new arrivals. From exotic orchids to hardy houseplants, there’s always something new at Blk Girls Who Garden.

Join Us!

We’re more than just a store; we’re a community. Follow us on social media for daily tips, join our workshops, or simply pop in for a plant chat. Let’s make 2024 a year of growth, in every sense of the word!

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